It is all about the attitude!

Hi, I am Timo, a bike surfer. For me cycling and surfing just make a perfect combo. Being out there in fresh air, being one with the nature. But at the same time being at the peak of the wave looking for latest solutions for more sustainable tomorrow. And I do bike to surf. I work in Navico Ltd. as a senior advisor.


Next ones are truly memorable ones. First, organizing Xmas tree hunting World Championship games in Pyhäjoki, Finland for 4 years between 2005 and 2008. You cannot top that as a project! A crazy idea arising from tourism development project that totally exploded, in a good way. We had furthest participants from Brazil, and we got EU funding as well to do all of it. It was so refreshing to something totally different and to just let go. Secondly, Winter Cycling Congress in Oulu 2013. “Jump straight to the deep end” -kind of project with no funding in the beginning that turned out to be a success story. In 2013 we got 150 delegates from 12 different countries attending the first ever winter cycling congress. Winnipeg, Leeuwarden, Minneapolis&St.Paul, Montreal, Moscow, Calgary and Joensuu have followed and 2021 WCC host will be announced soon. The whole series of WCC’s has opened new doors and introduced a lot of great people from all around the world. “Get your hands dirty” -approach has always suited me. Therefore starting “Lähirähinä”, or “Good4Hood” as we call it in English, has been a project close to my hearth. Keeping pick-up games culture alive and doing fun common activity in the neighbourhoods is just pure fun. Cost efficient mobility management at its best at the same time. Getting to know your neighbours better by trying new sports and activities at the same time just makes your surroundings a better place to live. One more. A more traditional project; the cycling coordinator pilot that turned out to be a permanent solution later down the road. Through cycling coordinator’s work, we have been able to effect positively to many citizens’ lives which is always highly rewarding. After all, I think the most memorable projects are still to come. So, follow closely what is happening!   


There are a lot of things I would like to do better and improve my skills. Stay bold and strong, do not let anything put you down. We have only one life to spare. Many times, we forget the things that really matters. Health, wellbeing, pure nature, love ones, wind in your hair, big snowflakes falling on your face as you go, moisture on the grass in summer mornings. Simple, basic things create a solid foundation for professional expertise as well. Keep it simple. Visualization and the power of stories are the things I want to use better in my work. Also using arts and culture in city development is an interesting topic for a music high school graduate wanna-be drummer.   


I am active in Twitteriin (@Tinkerlmatz) and also in Instagram. Send me a contact request in LinkedInissä, where we can talk about city development and active transportation. Let’s hang out 🤟